Ignite the fire within

We crave compassion, empathy, love and support

As women, we know how important our relationships are because of their impact on our lives. A woman is more than a reflection of herself, she is the product of her relationships. The Goddess Academy is a new way for women to grow and flourish. It is the place women can feel confident to go inward, look within, and grow in their own unique way.

Our members have the opportunity to live a full life, stand in their strength and feel safe enough to be vulnerable with other amazing women across cultures, countries and continents. Join me to create a community where women can connect with each other, learning and growing together, and supporting one another to take great leaps of faith into their true greatness!

You belong here

As a member of the Goddess Academy, you will be a part of an exclusive, private sisterhood. I provide monthly 2 hour + long live stream zoom videos which includes monthly card readings, meditations, inspirational coaching, divine feminine teachings, activities, and clarity that will create positive transformations in your life.

I want you to know that I personally love what I do, and I am so happy to be able to offer you a place in my Goddess Academy where we can chat as sisters and form connections. The Goddess Academy is more than just a series of videos though. It’s a magical sisterhood of women who are guided and empowered by the Divine Goddess to learn more about spirituality, sexuality, power, and what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

Monthly lives – come bloom in zoom.

These online Goddess Circles are just like my in person ones!

I have been running in person Goddess Circles since 2008.

Our path to living a life of love, joy, creativity and freedom

Goddess Academy is a community of love and energy, where we honor the goddess and divine feminine in all of us. We are more than just our bodies; we are our heart, mind and soul. Our path to living a life of love, joy, creativity and freedom is through embracing the divine feminine in all of us. No matter what we look like on the outside, or where we are on our journey, there is a place for you here.

As a Goddess Academy member, you will have access to past recorded sessions and programs that will help empower you to embody your divinity. Topics such as: What is The Divine Feminine & Masculine; The Chakras; Manifestation; Mindfulness; Goddess Archetypes; Healthy Boundaries; ESP; Confidence: Sacred Sexuality; Spiritual Laws of the Universe, and more will be available when you join.

A Sacred Space for transformations!

Creating a Sacred Space is so important for healing and connecting with each other heart-to-heart and womb-to-womb. It doesn’t matter if we are not in the same room, energy travels! We are all energy beings, and in the Goddess Academy you will learn how to clear, connect and devote time for your personal transformations. We begin every live stream with a smudge and end with a deep gratitude share and Namaste. This truly helps you feel lighter, happier and grounded – we may not be able to see the energies around us, but they are still there.

I designed the Goddess Academy as a complete set of spiritual building blocks for you to manifest anything that you desire. My philosophy is of being in the Now and actively nurturing you into living your best life – while remembering to acknowledge the light and love within yourself. The academy helps you begin all parts of your life with intention, so you can progress forward in order to create more good things in the world! It’s truly a comprehensive education for living from love and light, while feeling empowered in body, mind and spirit.

“I am a feminine warrior coach who has devoted herself to inspiring the next generation of women – it’s my mission, passion and joy.”

Membership Benefits

Membership to the Goddess Academy is a very affordable way to get exclusive access to private online mentoring from me – all of my knowledge, knowledge I have acquired from studying thousands of other coaches, online experts, real-life mentors and turning that into coaching & mentoring women just like you.

As a member, you will also have access to the Exclusive Facebook Community (an opportunity to exchange ideas and be part of a supportive community), Monthly Zoom Livestreams, library of 100+ videos and much more.

Everything being offered in the academy would be equivalent to $200+ per month working with me one-on-one, but in a group environment I’m able to offer it for only $50 (Cdn) per month.

I’ve created the Goddess Academy to help ignite the fire within you to get clear about who you are and what you dream of having in your life, so that you can start attracting it!

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