RISE - Reclaim & Integrate Sacred Energies

Is an energy healing superpower for the lightworkers, angel lovers, alchemists, magicians, goddesses and mystics. Dive deep into metaphysical teachings & visualizations. Learn sacred symbols & sacred tools to bring your clients into a state of deep healing.

RISE combines sacred healing energies for transformations in your body, mind and soul. This is a hands on healing modality which connects to the Archangels and Goddesses. Combining this with guided visualizations, powerful affirmations and subconscious programing creates a sacred space for magic, miracles and blessings to unfold. RISE combines multidimensional and metaphysical teachings and healings that will promote miracles and transformations.

This class will certify you as a RISE practitioner, you will receive an attunement that will activate and align you to the 12 +chakras of our new reality. You will embody the light codes and create a rise in human consciousness, one client at a time.

You will receive an extensive 150 page colored manual that you can refer to at anytime!

Do you have a connection to Angels?

In RISE, you will work with the Archangels that will assist you and guide you through the process of healing. Angels are divine and pure beings who want to help you in every area of your life. They are celestial beings who work as messengers and attendants of God/Universe. Angels are always there for us. We can call upon them anytime.

Not only is my course hands-on, it will also include activating affirmations, guided meditations and spiritual sacred symbols and teachings so you can use it on your clients too!

All across the globe, many cultures have Goddesses they call upon. Goddesses invoke curiosity. They are supernatural beings that are here to help us in our lives. We all can carry and walk with many Goddesses, just as we do with Archangels.

RISE calls upon the Divine Feminine Frequencies of the Universe to nurture, support, heal and balance our energies. You will learn about Goddess Quan Yin, Isis, and MORE!

Congratulations to my very first RISE class!

It truly is an honor to teach my new modality! The class was so powerful, purifying and potent!

I had sisters attending who are mystics, teachers, Indigenous elders, intuitive, mediums, mothers, healers, medicine women and most of all – Earth Angels ready to spread their wings and spread the RISE VIBES!

When you take this class, you will be one of my first students to carry my lineage – Natalia – YOUR NAME! Yes, you will get an authentic RISE Practitioner certificate too and have all the tools needed to start assisting your clients on their journey.

Congratulations to my second class of RISE students! I had students that came as far as California and New York!

Read what my students are saying:


“Natalia your powerful attunements and activations brought us to a level of trust and love spiritual realms to see things with our spiritual eyes. Thank you for giving us wings to fly and soar above earth and beyond where at times we see our ancestors and angels. I feel many more gifts can come our way, you were definitely born for this time and for the purpose of helping us all to see our fullest potential. Thank you my sister.”

Carrie A

“Hey you! I truly truly mean what I wrote in our group chat. RISE is freedom in healing. You are an angel and I am so blessed to have been in the presence of your unveiling of this most important work. You are of the divine and I am honoured to be connected to you. Thank you for yesterday and so looking forward to next month!”

Sabrina B

“Good Morning Lovely, I am so grateful to have taken part in your RISE class. You are an amazing teacher, mentor, healer and Angel on earth. I feel blessed and more open with my gifts more then ever after learning RISE, let these wings allow me to fly higher than I thought possible.”

RISE Class Dates

June 10

RISE level 1


September 9th

RISE level 1


October 22

RISE level 2


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